Try Firefox

Since Microsoft officially announced that they will switch Edge's rendering engine to Chromium, many people have written about how this poses a danger to the future of the web. I'm not going to repeat those same arguments, as I feel others have done a good job of it.

What I want to do is urge you to try Firefox for a couple of days this week. That's it. Give it a try. More than the 15 minutes you gave it that one time. I bet you you'll find some things are better, some are worse; but you might realize you like it. You might also find that that thing you only ever tested in Chrome doesn't quite work as it should -- I found out my stock broker only supports Chrome -- and you might fix it and that might prompt you to test things in multiple browsers in the future and we just might avoid a future where the web is controlled by an ad-powered super-org. Or don't. It's up to you.