Announcing racket-{avro,iso-printf,lz4,messagepack}

Some of the feedback I've received on Franz so far has been that folks need support for more compression and serialization formats. In that vein, here are some Racket libraries I've released in the past couple of weeks:

  • racket-avro (docs, src) -- an implementation of the Apache Avro serialization protocol. This is fairly complete, but it elides support for Avro RPC for now.
  • racket-iso-printf (docs, src) -- an implementation of the standard C family of printf functions. This is used in racket-lua to implement the string.format procedure. Originally, this was going to just be an internal part of #lang lua, but I figured it might have some use beyond it. I've certainly wanted C-style printf in the past in Racket.
  • racket-lz4 (docs, src) -- a pure-Racket LZ4 decompressor. It doesn't yet support compression, but I may add it if there is interest.
  • racket-messagepack (docs, src) -- an implementation of the MessagePack serialization format. There is an existing msgpack package on the Package Server, but it is GPL-licensed, so I wanted to avoid distributing it with my app.