Franz now Source Available

The source code for Franz, a desktop client for Apache Kafka, is now available for all to read on on GitHub.

One of my goals with writing software in Racket is to help expand the Racket ecosystem. I try do that by making parts of the apps I write Open Source where possible1 and by making small contributions back to Racket itself. Additionally, I sometimes see new users ask for examples of real-world applications built with Racket so I've been trying to make the source code of my own apps available as well (where possible; see also Nemea and Remember). My hope is that folks interested in using Racket can get an idea of what using it in practice looks like by viewing the code for these apps and I like the thought of letting my own users see what code they're running when they use my apps.

  1. In the process of writing Franz, I've written a Kafka client, libraries for serializing and deserializing Avro, MessagePack and Protocol Buffer data, native decompressors for LZ4 and Snappy, and a hash-lang for Lua among other things.