Restoring the Old Dashboard Feed on GitHub

A couple weeks ago, GitHub changed its Dashboard feed implementation and this new version has a lot less relevant information with respect to the repositories I follow compared to the old one. Fortunately, the old feed is still available at /dashboard-feed. So, for now, you can restore the old functionality using this quick and dirty user script:

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", () => {
  const $news = document.querySelector("#dashboard .news");
  if (!$news) return;
  let node = $news.firstChild;
  while (node !== null) {
    node = $news.firstChild;

  const req = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "/dashboard-feed", true);
  req.addEventListener("load", (e) => {
    let $frame = document.createElement("iframe");
    $ = "none";
    $frame.onload = () => {
    $frame.srcdoc = req.responseText;

In Arc, you can enable this script by going to, creating a new boost and placing the script in the boost's code section. In Firefox, you should be able to use a plugin like Tampermonkey to achieve the same thing.

Hopefully, they'll keep the old feed around for a while, or bring the new feed's functionality up to par with the old one in future.