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Following in the long tradition of programmers writing blog engines instead of blogging, this site is now powered by Joel Dueck's Punct.

I'd been meaning to make the switch ever since Joel posted a video of Punct in Practice to the Racket Discord and I finally took the plunge this weekend. You can find the source code for the new site on GitHub.

The old site was implemented using Hugo and it served me well, but I never learned how to use Hugo properly because I could never make my way effectively around their documentation, so I was always a bit wary of making changes to the structure of the site (for example, making my own theme and other kinds of enhancements).

Punct is similar to other Racket publishing tools like Pollen and Scribble in that documents (i.e. pages) are just Racket modules with a reader that makes it convenient to input regular markup, but that lets you escape to and use inline Racket when necessary. This means that, at any point in a document, you can fall back on the full power of Racket. It's hard to overstate how nice this model is so I highly encourage you to check out Joel's video and see for yourself.