Announcing Remember for iOS

A little over four years ago, I released Remember for macOS, a small reminders app written using a combination of Swift and Racket. Today, I've released a version of Remember on the iOS App Store!

I'd been meaning to get an iOS version going for a while, but ran into various issues getting Racket to run on iOS. Thanks to some not-so-recent improvements to Racket CS's portable bytecode backend, it is now relatively easy to get Racket running on iOS1. So, I updated Noise to add iOS support, ported the macOS version of Remember to use Noise instead of its original JSON-RPC-via-subprocess implementation, and built a simple SwiftUI interface on top of the Racket core. The app is a bit plain, but it supports all the same functionality of the desktop app and it supports syncing data between the two platforms which is as much as I need from it, so I'm happy with the result!

  1. With some limitations. For example, more work is needed to get the OpenSSL bindings to work. But, Remember doesn't need them so that wasn't a problem in this instance.