Racket for e-commerce

I had originally shared a version of this post with a small, private mailing list, but then I figured there'd be no harm in sharing it with a larger audience so here it is. My girlfriend and I recently launched matchacha.ro, a small e-commerce site selling Japanese green tea here in Romania (the site defaults to Romanian, but you can change the language by scrolling to the bottom – we don't ship outside of Romania, though, sorry!

Announcing deta

I just released the first version of deta, a Racket library for mapping between database tables and structs. A bit like Elixir's Ecto.

You can install it from the package server with:

raco pkg install deta

Check it out!

racket/gui saves the day

Yesterday, I bought an icon pack containing over 3,000 (!) SVG files and macOS utterly failed me when I tried to search the unarchived folder.

empty search screen

So I did what any self-respecting Racketeer would do. I used this as an excuse to play around with Racket's built-in GUI library!

the final product

Bye, Bye, Google

I spent this past weekend de-Google-ifying my life and, despite my expectations, it wasn't too hard to do.