Building a PDF API with Django and Dramatiq

In this post I talk about how you can use Django, Dramatiq and h2p to create a simple HTTP API that can turn any URL into a PDF.

Announcing django_dramatiq

An app that integrates Django with Dramatiq.

Announcing h2p

This past week I released h2p, a simple python frontend to libwkhtmltox that lets you generate PDF files from web pages without needing to spawn subprocesses.

Announcing dramatiq

The Celery alternative you’ve always wanted.

Announcing elm-cookiecutter

Since most of my Elm apps tend to follow a similar structure, I’ve decided to create and open source a cookiecutter template that deals with all of the boilerplate required to set up one of these apps the way I like it. The repository is available here.

Announcing elm-datepicker

A reusable date picker component.

elm-mode refactoring demo

I recorded a short demo of elm-mode’s new refactoring features. You can view it on Youtube.

Announcing elm-route

Today marks the first release of elm-route, a type safe route parsing DSL built on top of elm-combine. Its main additions to the world of type safe route parsing are:

  • A generic DSL for expressing arbitrarily-nested dynamic routes (at the cost of uglier route constructors as the depth increases).
  • An automatic way to do reverse routing that when coupled with a small amount of boilerplate should provide the safest approach to reverse routing that the Elm language can currently support.

You can see a working demo here (source). Note that direct linking to routes in the demo does not work due to a limitation of Gihub Pages.

elm-mode TAGS demo

I recorded a short demo of elm-mode’s new automatic TAGS file generation feature. You can view it on Youtube.

elm-mode demo

I recorded a short screencast showing off some of the features available in elm-mode. You can view it on Youtube.