Announcing elm-cookiecutter

Since most of my Elm apps tend to follow a similar structure, I’ve decided to create and open source a cookiecutter template that deals with all of the boilerplate required to set up one of these apps the way I like it. The repository is available here.

Announcing elm-datepicker

A reusable date picker component.

elm-mode refactoring demo

I recorded a short demo of elm-mode’s new refactoring features. You can view it on Youtube.

Announcing elm-route

Today marks the first release of elm-route, a type safe route parsing DSL built on top of elm-combine. Its main additions to the world of type safe route parsing are:

  • A generic DSL for expressing arbitrarily-nested dynamic routes (at the cost of uglier route constructors as the depth increases).
  • An automatic way to do reverse routing that when coupled with a small amount of boilerplate should provide the safest approach to reverse routing that the Elm language can currently support.

You can see a working demo here (source). Note that direct linking to routes in the demo does not work due to a limitation of Gihub Pages.

elm-mode TAGS demo

I recorded a short demo of elm-mode’s new automatic TAGS file generation feature. You can view it on Youtube.

elm-mode demo

I recorded a short screencast showing off some of the features available in elm-mode. You can view it on Youtube.


Ido mode is one of those Emacs packages that you can’t imagine living without once you embed it into your workflow. It stands for “interactive do” and in this post I’m going to talk about what it does, some of the configuration options that come bundled with it and how you can enhance it further.