What follows is a list of talks I’ve watched or listened to over the years that I’ve gotten a lot of use or enjoyment out of. Expect this page to be updated somewhat regularly as I discover new talks and am reminded of old ones.

Programming Languages and Libraries

Author Talk
Adam Chlipala Ur/Web
Bryan Cantrill The Summer of Rust
Daniel Patterson Typed Routing with Continuations
David Beazley Die Threads
David Beazley Discovering Python
David Beazley Python Concurrency From the Ground Up
David Beazley Topics of Interest (Python Asyncio)
Markus Winand Modern SQL
Matthew Flatt Rebuilding Racket on Chez Scheme: An Experience Report
Raymond Hettinger Super considered super!
Rob Simmons Contracts For Getting More Programs Less Wrong
Robby Findler Racket: A Programming-Language Programming Language
Simon Peyton Jones Adventures With Types in Haskell
Simon Peyton Jones Haskell is Useless
Zach Smith Nim - A New Option for Optimizing Inner Loops

Software Engineering

Author Talk
Avi Bryant Abstract Algebra and Distributed Data Processing
Bryan Cantrill Platform as a Reflection of Values: Joyent, Node.js, and Beyond
Bryan Cantrill Principles of Technology Leadership
Bryan Cantrill Zebras All the Way Down
Casey Muratori Immediate-Mode Graphical User Interfaces
Emery Berger Performance Matters
Gary Bernhardt Boundaries
Jack Rusher Stop Writing Dead Programs
Jon Moore Stop Rate Limiting! Capacity Management Done Right
Martin Thompson Designing for Performance
Sandi Metz Polly Want a Message
Theo de Raadt Pledge: A new security technology in openbsd
Zach Tellman Everything Will Flow
engineerguy Why the other line is likely to move faster


Author Talk
Allen Holub #NoEstimates
David Heinemeier Hansson Startup School 2008
Michael Dearing Executive Communication
Mike Monteiro Fuck You, Pay Me


Author Talk
Gary Bernhardt A Whole New World
Gary Bernhardt Wat


Author Talk
Bret Victor Inventing on Principle
Brian Kernighan & Ken Thompson Brian Kernighan interviews Ken Thompson
Robert Lustig Sugar: The Bitter Truth
Randy Pausch Achieving Your Childhood Dreams