Project Description
Free Invoice Generator Easy to use and free Invoice creation software.
SMS Cat Facts Cat facts prank as a service.
ValueAdded A developer-focused VAT API for companies operating in the EU.

Current libraries and tools

Project Description
anom An object mapper for Cloud Datastore in Python 3.6+.
crontab A crontab spec parser for Scala.
dramatiq A background task processing library for Python 3.6+.
markii A development-mode error handler for Python web apps.
modviz Visualize your module dependency graph in Python.
mold A fast templating engine for Python.
py-test.el A Python test runner for Emacs.
valueadded A Python library for computing VAT.

Inactive libraries and tools

Project Description
PyREPL Run a Python interpreter inside Vim.
RbREPL Run a Ruby interpreter inside Vim.
anom-go An object mapper for the AppEngine Datastore in Go.
browser-connect Live browser interaction for Vim.
cedar-mode Emacs mode for cedar.
cedar A web service definition format and code generator.
elm-ast A parser for Elm in Elm.
elm-combine Parser combinators for Elm.
elm-cookiecutter A cookiecutter template for Elm apps.
elm-datepicker A reusable datepicker for Elm.
elm-generate Generators for Elm.
elm-mode Emacs mode for Elm.
elm-querystring A library for working with querystrings in Elm.
elm-route A type-safe routing library for Elm.
elm-time A pure Elm date and time library.
ido-clever-match An alternative matcher for Emacs ido-mode.
pico A minimal lisp interpreter written in Python.
quicksilver Find files fast in Vim.