These are some of the web applications I’ve built in my spare time.

Project Description
Free Invoice Generator Free invoicing software.
SMS 😸 Facts Cat facts prank as a service.
ValueAdded A VAT API for companies operating in the EU.

Current libraries and tools

This is the stuff I’m currently working on in the open.

Project Description
anom An object mapper for Cloud Datastore for Python 3.6+.
apistar_prometheus Prometheus metrics for API Star apps.
dramatiq A distributed task processing library for Python 3.6+.
firechannel An almost-dropin replacement for the GAE channels API using Firebase.
h2p A Python interface to libwkhtmltox.
hugs A library that maps SQL expressions to Python fuctions.
markii A development-mode error handler for Python web apps.
py-test.el A Python test runner for Emacs.
valueadded A Python library for computing VAT.

Inactive libraries and tools

These are libraries and tools that I am no longer maintaining.

Project Description
PyREPL Run a Python interpreter inside Vim.
RbREPL Run a Ruby interpreter inside Vim.
anom-go An object mapper for the AppEngine Datastore in Go.
browser-connect Live browser interaction for Vim.
cedar-mode Emacs mode for cedar.
cedar A web service definition format and code generator.
crontab A crontab spec parser for Scala.
elm-ast A parser for Elm in Elm.
elm-combine Parser combinators for Elm.
elm-cookiecutter A cookiecutter template for Elm apps.
elm-datepicker A reusable datepicker for Elm.
elm-generate Generators for Elm.
elm-mode An Elm mode for EMACS.
elm-querystring A library for working with querystrings in Elm.
elm-route A type-safe routing library for Elm.
elm-time A pure Elm date and time library.
ff A fuzzy-finder for the terminal.
ido-clever-match An alternative matcher for Emacs ido-mode.
modviz A module dependency graph visualizer for Python.
mold A fast templating engine for Python.
multiprom A multiprocess-friendly Prometheus client for Python.
pico A minimal lisp interpreter written in Python.
quicksilver A fast file finder for VIM.
tcopy A tail-call optimizing decorator for Python.
trio-redis A trio-based Redis client for Python. A fast implementation of yes in Python.
zed A toy text editor.