Automatic retries with Celery

One of the things that I think Celery could be doing better out of the box is to provide support for automatically retrying tasks on failure (thereby forcing users to write idempotent tasks by default).

Dramatiq cron with APScheduler

Here’s a quick way you can combine Dramatiq and APScheduler to automatically schedule tasks to execute at certain times.

Building a PDF API with Django and Dramatiq

In this post I talk about how you can use Django, Dramatiq and h2p to create a simple HTTP API that can turn any URL into a PDF.

Announcing django_dramatiq

An app that integrates Django with Dramatiq.

Announcing h2p

This past week I released h2p, a simple python frontend to libwkhtmltox that lets you generate PDF files from web pages without needing to spawn subprocesses.

Announcing dramatiq

The Celery alternative you’ve always wanted.